No Blood For Oil

Some people would like to say that the impending war with Iraq is not at all about oil. In answer to these people, including this guy, I provided these links.

US buys up Iraqi oil to stave off crisis
Seizing reserves will be an allied priority if forces go in
By Faisal Islam and Nick Paton Walsh

Facing its most chronic shortage in oil stocks for 27 years, the US has this month turned to an unlikely source of help – Iraq.

Weeks before a prospective invasion of Iraq, the oil-rich state has doubled its exports of oil to America, helping US refineries cope with a debilitating strike in Venezuela.

Spoils of War
In Iraq War, to the Victor Goes the Oil

“Saddam Hussein is sitting on a gold mine ? the second-largest oil reserve in the world ? and everyone wants a piece of it.”

Oil: the Other Iraq War

“Behind the debate over Iraq?s pursuit of nuclear weapons, its fraternization with terrorist groups and defiance of the United Nations is a fact that colors every decision about war and peace in the Persian Gulf: Iraq sits atop the world?s second largest reserve of oil. How is that affecting American policy toward Iraq? Are France and Russia protecting Saddam Hussein to ensure their access to oil? Who stands to gain most from a post-Saddam world?”

U.S. plans war to control Iraq’s oil wealth: experts
By P. Jayaram, Indo-Asian News Service

“New Delhi, Sep 23 (IANS) The U.S. is talking of war with Iraq not because Baghdad has allegedly amassed weapons of mass destruction but to control the country’s huge oil reserves, say Indian analysts and oil industry sources.”

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