Speak Your Peace

Here are two letters to the editor of the Observer, the student newspaper at Case Western. The second is written by my girlfriend’s brother.

CWRU men are oblivious

I may have been here for only a few months, being a freshman, but already I have noticed that I can’t make it through the week without listening to another boy complaining about not being able to find a date. I’m more than a little sick of being the short girl all the guys talk to when they get rejected, even though I never would have turned them down. We’ve all heard that “nice guys finish last,” but what about nice girls? The only time I’ve heard a guy describe a female with the adjective “nice” is if it were followed by the words “tits” or “ass.” So don’t act like superficiality is a one way street.

Letter quality disappoints

So I pick up my Observer last week, and start to read it. As always, the news is first (Extra! Extra! Read all about it! “The food here sucks” or “Greenies are adventures in themselves”, both of which aren’t really news, more like common knowledge, but I digress…) and then the enlightening editorial page. The editorial staff made some fine remarks about recent elections and how office hours aren’t used (unrelated topics, but fine remarks). Then came the letters. Now people have had two weeks to write something profound, something that would expand my mind or raise awareness about something besides sub-par food. I expected too much. Instead there was something that should be in the personal ads and arguing over a debate that has gone on for ages. If that was the cream of the crop, the crop must have really been in the crapper.