The Young and the Bored

Here’s an interesting sequence of articles and letters regarding Pittsburgh’s hopes for attracting young people. I like Pittsburgh and I think I’d like to raise a family here. I think I’m a rarity, though. I came to Da Burgh in ’95 to go to Pitt. I’ve been here ever since. Most students, it seems, fly like bats out of hell after graduation day. I think Pittsburgh’s a nice town and instead of cursing the darkness, I’m going to light a candle.

Pittsburgh Is A Pit For Singles
By Davide Dukcevich

Pittsburgh may be the best place in the world to watch a football game, but it’s the worst place in America to be stuck with a lonely heart.”

Forbes magazine, you’re nuts: I’m 21 and I love Pittsburgh
By Megan Branning

“I would like to respond to the Forbes magazine ranking of Pittsburgh as the worst city for young singles (“No Place to Be Single,” June 8 Business). I think Forbes is way off on this.”

The Post-Gazette’s perky pen pal
By Dave Copeland

Megan Branning, I’m glad you love it here, but I still think you’re going overboard when you call Forbes magazine “nuts” for ranking Pittsburgh the worst of 40 cities for singles. Needless to say, your letter was emailed among the boosters today as if to say “Look! A real live young person likes us!” Unfortunately, Megan is only one of a dwindling many.

A case for Pittsburgh
By Dave Copeland

Way back at the start of the summer (when, having reviewed the archive, I seemed to be much more bitter) I bashed Megan Branning and her letter to the Post Gazette. Megan finally found my little rant, took the high road and sent me this email last night:

I just read your entry regarding my letter to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Forbe’s magazine’s ranking of Pittsburgh. After reading what you said, I want to clarify some things.