Lost in America

(“Lost in America” is a song by Alice Cooper)

The following is a very long, but interesting, article about the current exodus from suburbs into sub-suburbs (or “exurbs” as the author calls them).

Patio Man and the Sprawl People
America’s newest suburbs.
by David Brooks

I DON’T KNOW if you’ve ever noticed the expression of a man who is about to buy a first-class barbecue grill. He walks into a Home Depot or Lowe’s or one of the other mega hardware complexes and his eyes are glistening with a faraway visionary zeal, like one of those old prophets gazing into the promised land. His lips are parted and twitching slightly. Inside the megastore, the grills are just past the racks of affordable- house plan books, in the yard-machinery section. They are arrayed magnificently next to the vehicles that used to be known as rider mowers but are now known as lawn tractors, because to call them rider mowers doesn’t really convey the steroid-enhanced M-1 tank power of the things.