Missing the Point

Vatican Bars Seven Ordained Women

"Less than a month after the Vatican called the ordination of women to priesthood "an affront to the dignity of women, whose specific role in the Church and society is distinctive and irreplaceable," seven women priests were excommunicated for failing to repent by the Church-issued July 22 deadline."

These women who were "ordained" as Roman Catholic priests are, to a large extent, missing the point of being Catholic at all. We Catholics must have faith that the Holy Spirit is guiding our leaders' decisions. Obedience is not a dirty word. If they have no intention of listening to the pope's instructions, why do they want to appeal their excommunication? Why not just join a Reformation church, such as the Lutherans or Episcopalians, who allow female ordination and lack a clear and consistent hierarchical governing structure? If they were really as intent on changing the Church as they claim, they would do so from within and remain obedient to the Peter's successor. Catholic faith includes faith in Sacred Tradition and the guidance of our clerical superiors. The Catholic Church is not a democracy, nor should it be. Just look at what party politics has done to our country to see why.