How Can Ya Have Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Real Email, and Spam without the Spam?!?

Spammers ought to be subjected to Chinese water torture, drawn and quartered, and castrated with a dull spoon. I lump them in with telemarketers, people who rob old ladies, people who steal candy from babies, televangelists, rednecks, and other undesirable members of society. Sure, we all have our faults, but sometimes I can’t help but feel spammers are a waste of oxygen and other valuable resources.

Can ya tell I’m pissed? 😉

Spam: Has it become a stalemate?
Internet ‘becomes more of a chore than an experience’

"NEW YORK (AP) — Take part in a billion-dollar giveaway for the $49.99 cost of a brochure. Get dental coverage for just $12 a month. Lose 12 pounds in seven days. Join a ‘Britney Spears Orgy!!’"