Been There, Done That

This guy seems to think rock is dying due to lack of originality. Looking at the current batch of mindless, screaming idiots in the so-called "alternative "rock scene (How can it be alternative if it’s mainstream?!?), it’s hard to disagree with him. However, I’m not about to roll over and die and let pop crap like Britney Spears, N-Suck and other cookie-cutter abominations share the throne with today’s soulless hip-hop and hard-core rap (I really miss old-school rap – DJs and MCs that had real talent and creativity). Today, the challenge to rockers is to sound different and creative. Yeah, the Beatles probably covered the gammut of emotions, but there are always new political agendas to set to music and new ways to say the old things. So what if it’s been said before? How was it said? There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as the saying goes. Those that fear rock’s demise need to look beyond the tired, old formula of American rock and look to the rest of the world, particularly to the indie rock.

Bobby Bare Jr. weighs rock’s shackles

New album, mellower sound for son of country star

"NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — Singer-songwriter Bobby Bare Jr. fears rock music may sputter to its grave. In a provocative new song, he explains why. "