Ahh…the mark of the true redneck.

Call out the Mullitia
Praise or derision: For watchers of hairstyles, that’s the long and short of it

It isn’t every day you can walk down the street and be the object of admiration and derision at the same time. But for people who sport a mullet these days, beware: The eyes of the mullitia are upon you.

For the uninitiated, a mullet is that haircut from the 1980s — you know the one, short on top, tight at the sides and long in the back. Think Billy Ray Cyrus, Lionel Richie and Joey Buttafuoco (their hairstyle, not where are they now).

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For ‘mulletheads,’ it’s not just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle

Some 20 years ago, mullets freely roamed the Earth without shame and free of rancor.They were badges of honor and rugged, rebellious individualism.

In the modern mullet era, singers Michael Bolton, Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus not only popularized but exalted the hairdo.

The Boltonian-Jovian Age gave way to the Cyrusian Age. Then, a darkness descended upon the Earth and the mullet fell out of favor, becoming a much maligned and oft-loathed coiffure that exposed anyone who wore it to great ridicule.