Sick Sense of Ethics

What?!? How is letting them be born stranger than chopping them up for science???

A Home for Their Embryos
By Ellen S. Glazer

Carla has both a close friend and a close family member who are struggling with infertility and she acknowledges that she thought about donating the embryos to one of them. As an infertile person with close friends who had adopted, Carla had many positive feelings about adoption. How wonderful, it briefly seemed, to have someone close to her “adopt” her embryos. However, like most others who give some thought to embryo adoption, Carla realized that giving her embryos to someone else was fundamentally different from adoption: adoption is a loving solution to a social problem. This, by contrast, would mean bringing children into the world whose fate had been sealed in an embryology lab. It was simply too strange — the idea that their full biological children would be raised in another family. The fact that that family would be close to them did not make the option any more appealing.