Military Intelligence is an Oxymoron

Satellite Enthusiast Watches NATO Spy Pix
By Paul Majendie

A British satellite enthusiast has discovered that anyone can tune in live to U.S. spy plane photo transmissions over the Balkans. John Locker said the freely available pictures by both manned spy planes and drones can pinpoint a location to within two meters (six feet).

War On Error: Live Pictures Taken by U.S. Planes Were Freely Available
By Duncan Campbell

The war on terrorism in Europe is being undermined by a military communications system that makes it easier for terrorists to tune in to live video of U.S. intelligence operations than to watch Disney cartoons or new-release movies. For more than six months, live pictures from U.S. aerial spy missions have been broadcast in real time to viewers throughout Europe and the Balkans. The broadcasts are not encrypted, meaning that anyone in the region with a normal satellite TV receiver can spy on U.S. surveillance operations as they happen.