Teaching the Truth

This is another case of liberals having a cow over protecting sacred beliefs. Secular Humanism forbid *chuckle* someone actually try to defend a CONSISTENT set of beliefs.

Catholic campuses head for showdown over obedience to church, academic freedom

A deadline looms Saturday that could ignite a smoldering conflict over academic freedom between the Roman Catholic hierarchy and theologians at the nation's 235 Catholic colleges and universities.

The winners and losers won't be immediately clear, but in coming years jobs and the shape of Catholic higher learning may be at stake.

Acting on instructions from the Vatican, U.S. bishops have ordered Catholics who teach their faith's doctrine, morality, Scripture, law or history at Catholic schools to obtain a "mandatum" (mandate, in English) from the bishop of the diocese where the college is located.

The document, which the bishops agreed should be obtained by June 1 — this Saturday — attests the theologian teaches only authentic Catholicism.