The Lazy Generation

Researchers Say A Pill May Someday Replace Sweaty Workouts For The Health Conscious

"That ultimate fantasy of the couch potato may become a reality some day, according to researchers who have found the chemical pathways muscle cells use to build strength and endurance. With this basic knowledge in hand, it now may be possible to develop a pill that pumps up muscle cells without all that exercise, said Dr. R. Sanders Williams, dean of the Duke University of School of Medicine and senior author of a study appearing Friday in the journal Science."

OK, this instant-gratification, all of the pleasure with none of the work, lazy, apathetic society we live in is really starting to bug me. This CNN article talks about a breakthrough that would make the Jetsons proud. Soon we'll be able to get fit without exercising. Great, thanks to the marvels of modern medical science, the couch potato generation will have no reason what so ever to get off their lazy butts and venture out into the Big Blue Room (ie the real world – not to be confused with an unimaginative, voyeuristic, teeny-bopper "reality TV" show).

It seems to me that it was once considered common sense and popular wisdom that we only really appreciate the good things in life when we have to work for them. I really hope this breakthrough gets used only for the genuine medical applications mentioned in the article. I've had just about enough of this gluttonous, hedonistic society.