My Two Cents

Should the penny go?
The future of the one-cent coin has everyone arguing.

If you think a mere penny couldn’t start much of a debate, think again. Arguments about the coin’s future have lobbyists up in arms and has sparked a bill on Capitol Hill. The penny’s potential fate even made it onto an episode of NBC’s “The West Wing.”

Should Congress order mints to stop making pennies?

I say,”Heck yeah!” I’m sick of pennies. I never use them. Given the purchasing power of a dollar these days, pennies are absolutely useless. As it is, I don’t use anything smaller than a quarter if I can help it. I have a jar I hold the chump change I have lingering in my pockets each day.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s just like the peso or the lira. If it takes 10000 pesos or lira to buy anything of real value, why don’t they just change the value of the peso/lira by a couple factors of ten? The only difference is that pennies are coins and are a bigger pain in the tush to carry around than bills. Anyhow, enough ranting. Check out the page and don’t forget to take the poll.