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Jan 12

Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu

Another Star Trek technology becoming a reality? "The hypothetical device, which has been outlined in principle but is based on a controversial theory about the fabric of the universe, could potentially allow a spacecraft to travel to Mars in three hours and journey to a star 11 light years away in just 80 days, according …

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Jan 06


I’m thinking about putting together a PVR PC from an old PIII 866 with 768Mb RAM. Eventually, I will probably buy a Hauppauge PVR-350 because it has hardware MPEG2 encoding and decoding. In the meantime, though, I’m stuck with a crappy ATI TV-Wonder for video capture. I do have a Creative Labs DXR3 (aka Sigma …

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Aug 12

Everyone's a Victim

Radio Network Claims It’s Being Bumped for Howard Stern "The Word Network, an urban religious station featuring programs like ‘Rainbow Push with Jesse Jackson,’ claims that it is being dropped by Sirius Satellite Radio to make room for shock jock Howard Stern." …. "Sirius has a ‘duty to find room on their dial for wholesome …

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Aug 10

Hiding From Big Brother

I recently read an article in Baseline talking about how workers in the UK are up in arms about being tracked by RFID tags in whorehouseswarehouses: "The fear? The stated fear is they'll be tracked every time they take a break or head for the rest room. The unstated fear: Every movement becomes trackable. Employers, …

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Aug 05

Senator Specter's Snake Oil

Funky recently sent an email to Senater Arlen Specter regarding stem cells and cloning. He got the following response, which he forwarded to me. I was more than happy to fisk it for him. Senator Specter is a noted proponent of science and embryonic stem cell research in particular. As his letter to Funky indicates …

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