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Jul 29

I'll Avoid Crude Jokes This Time ;)

Humiliation Alleged in Delta Suit “CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) – A woman who says she was pulled off an airplane and asked to take a sex toy out of her luggage after it started vibrating is suing Delta Air Lines, saying she was publicly humiliated.”

Jul 24

Glad They Found Him

I’m sure I’ll get labeled as perverse, but this story makes me think of the Monty Python “crunchy Frog” sketch. Sorry. Pa. Man Dies in Vat of Chocolate “HATFIELD, Pa. (AP) – A candy factory worker died after being submerged in a 1,200-gallon vat of liquefied chocolate, police said.”

Jul 24

Dem Bones

Priest Proposes ‘Adopt-A-Skeleton’ Scheme “LONDON (Reuters) – A cash-strapped British vicar is asking his congregation to adopt 1,000-year-old Anglo Saxons at a cost of about $15 a skeleton so that they can be reburied as Christians. “

Jul 21

Order from Chaos

Second law of thermodynamics “broken”

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