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Aug 13

No Open Government in Pittsburgh

Recently I highlighted a grassroots effort to make Pittsburgh's government more open to public scrutiny – or return it to that state, as the case happens to be. Sadly, that effort has met with failure. "Pittsburghers won't have a chance to vote for an 'open government' referendum on Nov. 8, but they will be able …

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Aug 04

Holding Politicians Accountable

Remember that raise PA legislators gave themselves? Well, Operation Clean Sweep Pennsylvania isn't the only group torqued by it. Common Cause Pennsylvania wants in on the butt-kicking. "A citizens lobby called Common Cause/Pennsylvania is considering a wide range of options, including a lawsuit and two pieces of legislation, to fight the pay raise that state …

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Jul 22

Keeping an Eye on Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Government

Readers in my state and/or city might find these interesting: Open Pittsburgh The current crisis in Pittsburgh didn’t happen overnight. It’s from more than a decade of bad policy and mismanagement by both the Mayor and City Council. As a result, City residents must now suffer and pay for something which was largely perpetrated behind …

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Jul 10

No Work, No Pay

‘No Work, No Pay’ Law Must Stay on the Books, Taxpayer Group Says A taxpayer watchdog group is fighting to preserve a “No Work, No Pay” law that requires members of Congress to forfeit their pay when they are absent from Congress – unless they or a family member are ill. It’s an obscure law …

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Mar 19

Don't Eat the WMD

Voices for Animals is presenting a film about alleged deceptions about WMDs in Iraq and participating in an anti-war march. Did we blow up a lot of wildlife over there or is this just comical mission creep? This reminds me of some of the shenanigans at the anti-war rally and march just before the war …

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