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Jun 16

Crazy Cat

My cat got sick and died. I found a new buddy to adopt. He got sick and scared the heck out me. He got better and showed us his goofy personality and strange habits. TL;DR: I peed on a cat. Continue reading »

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May 18

Book Recommendation: Army Survival Manual

A while back somebody posted a request for book recommendations. At the time I couldn’t think of a good non-fiction one. I can think of several good non-fiction books, but most of them are too specialized for the general public to read. The DSM-IV, for example. It’s a great read, and an absolute must for …

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May 23

But That Only Raises the Question…

I get that a Shipoopi is a girl you’re glad you found. She’s hard to get, but you can win her yet. I suppose that’s all fair. So who’s the girl you wish you’d never met (and presumably does not kiss at all)? Or what about the girl who you couldn’t get, despite your best …

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Apr 22

Dungeons and STR+2

I’ve been thinking about Dungeons and Dragons lately. It’s an interesting social phenomenon. (Before I go any farther, I should make it clear that I’m not out to bash D&D. I earned my gamer cred a long time ago, and I don’t have anything to prove to anybody. I learned D&D on literally Dungeons and …

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Mar 02

New St. Blog's Drinking Game

I think it’s about time parishoners in St. Blog’s created a new version of the St. Blog’s drinking game. The Catholic sector of the blogosphere has changed suffieciently to warrant it. Here’s my suggestion for the first new rule: Take a drink whenever Mark Shea uses the word "agitprop". Chug if he engages in debate …

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