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Apr 12

TCitMW: Responses to Critics

I wish to thank all those who have contributed their opinions to the discussion what ways the Church can/should change in the next pontificate and ways it cannot/should notchange. Some of the responses have come in the form of full blog entries, rather than comments. I’d like now to offer rebuttals and clarifications.

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Apr 07

Thank God the Church Isn't a Democracy

“In one poll, 87 percent of American Catholics said they had a favorable impression of John Paul II. Yet 57 percent said the next pope should moderate the Vatican’s policies ‘to reflect the attitudes and lifestyles of Catholics today.’” – Peter Slevin, Washington Post “68.3% Prefer ‘Buddy Christ’ from Dogma to a Crucifix – Morgan …

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Feb 27

My Two Cents About Our Ailing Pope

The following is my ranking, from best to worst, of scenarios for the end of Pope John Paul II’s pontificate. He is strong and active until the day he dies quietly in his sleep. He is bedridden, but he is in good spirits and able to conduct work until the day he dies in his …

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Aug 15

A Study in Contrasts

I always find it fascinating how different news outlets cover the same story. As an example, here are four stories, two from Reuters and two from AP. Notice the distinct differences in tone and presentation. Frail Pope Struggles Through Lourdes Mass (Reuters) Pope Struggles Through Lourdes Sermon, Needs Water (Reuters) Frail Pope Celebrates Mass at …

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Jan 27

Media Bias

Pope accuses media of pro-gay bias In a statement released for the Church’s World Communications Day, scheduled for this May, the pontiff said the media should concentrate on “marriage and family life,” and realize their responsibility to the general public. Despite claiming to reject censorship, the pope went on to say too many newspapers, TV …

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