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Jun 29

Blogging and Social Science

The myriad of memes that cross-cross the blogosphere testify to bloggers’ pleasure in answering questions. Why not put that to good use? That’s just what some folks at MIT are doing.

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May 01

An Open Question To God-Bloggers

In a comment on another blog, Mike Russell of Eternal Perspectives said something that I found very interesting. "I notice that Catholic Blogs are now included on the Blogdom of God aggregator; it's why I'm using it less and less. Not that I don't think they have thoughtful or good posts: I'm just looking for …

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Jan 24

Slacker Mass?

"Almost three-tenths (29%) of male Mass attenders [in Australia] aged between 15 and 29 go to Mass only on Sunday evenings, and a further 13% attend Mass on Sunday evening or at another time. For females of the same age, the corresponding figures are 25% and 16%." …. "the [total] Mass attendance rate among young …

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Jan 08

I, Blogger

Report: Big boost for blogs in 2004 By Martin LaMonica, Staff Writer, CNET News.com The number of blogs and the use of blog readers rose rapidly last year–but a majority of Americans still do not know what a blog is. “Twelve percent of people who read blogs also chose to post comments on them.” Wow, …

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Jan 08


I know I blogged about this ages ago, but it’s worth revisiting. After all the red stave versus blue state shenanigans, it’s nice to fight over something that really matters – soda versus pop. (Thanks, Jimmy Akin) Thou shalt say “soda”, not “pop”. Thus saith the Funky One. Here endeth the lesson.

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