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Jul 27

Taking "In But Not Of" Too Far?

After the reelection of Dubya, the blogosphere was abuzz with talk of "Jesusland". Well, it seems there is a group of Christians who are looking to make it a reality. "Christians have actively tried to return the United States to their moral foundations for more than 30 years. We now have a professing Christian president, …

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Jul 24

Innocent Man Executed?

Shoot first and ask questions later is bad police policy. Just ask the Brits. Obviously, Jean de Menezes handled the situation poorly and brought unnecessary trouble upon himself. However, that hardly justifies two cops holding him down while a third puts five bullets in his head. This isn’t a case of an innocent suspect being …

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Jul 22

Keeping an Eye on Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania Government

Readers in my state and/or city might find these interesting: Open Pittsburgh The current crisis in Pittsburgh didn’t happen overnight. It’s from more than a decade of bad policy and mismanagement by both the Mayor and City Council. As a result, City residents must now suffer and pay for something which was largely perpetrated behind …

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Jul 12

Howard the Dork*

Anybody interested in listening to a nutjob ranting and foaming at the mouth and embarrassing the party he chairs, head to Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, July 19 from 5:30 to 7:30. WHAT: amusing spectacle WHO: Howard Dean WHERE: Church Brew Works, 3525 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 WHEN: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 …

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Jul 10

95-10 Initiative

I’ve been doing some thinking about Democrats for Life’s 95-10 Initiative. The short explanation (for those who don’t know) is that it seeks to reduce the number of abortions by 95% in 10 years. Why doesn’t it seem to be getting much press? Is it because it doesn’t fit neatly into red vs. blue, right …

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