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Jan 12

Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu

Another Star Trek technology becoming a reality? "The hypothetical device, which has been outlined in principle but is based on a controversial theory about the fabric of the universe, could potentially allow a spacecraft to travel to Mars in three hours and journey to a star 11 light years away in just 80 days, according …

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Mar 15

Science and Christianity Showcase

Allthings2all is hosting the Science and Christianity Showcase. It’s a clearinghouse for posts by Christians addressing the general theme of scientific reason as it relates to Christian faith. I submitted Jerry Nora’s primer on stem cells. The posts are diverse and many topics are covered. There is one topic, however, which was forbidden: creationism vs. …

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Jul 12

Fractured Fairytales

Kudos to Joe Carter for doing his part to spread the truth about the “Galileo Affair“. This is a story about Galileo Galilei. It’s not the story about an enlightened scientist being persecuted by a narrow-minded Catholic Church because that story is (mostly) a myth. It’s not a story about a great scientific genius either, …

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May 19

Science (and Budget) Fiction

In yet another feeble attempt to copy Reagan’s policies (like trickle-down economics), Bush is trying to create his own version of the Star Wars (SDI) program. The first one was science fiction created to scare the Soviet Union into spending itself to death. This one might spend us to death. Current Status of Missile Defense …

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Jan 23

I Don't Know That!…Aaaaaaaaaaaah….

“Too much time on my hands” – Styx Estimating the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow Hashing out the classic question with Strouhal numbers and simplified flight waveforms. by Jonathan Corum “After spending some time last month trying to develop alternate graphic presentations for kinematic ratios in winged flight, I decided to try to answer …

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