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Nov 20

Foaming at the Mouth

[Minor mistakes of grammar and spelling have been fixed. – Funky] Theomorph, my resident atheist gadfly, seems to be losing his cool. His latest tirade against Christianity lacks the kind of logical consistency and civility his previous posts had.

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Nov 09

Victory! Triumph! Glory!

The Song Of The Pacifist by Robert Service What do they matter, our headlong hates, when we take the toll of our Dead? Think ye our glory and gain will pay for the torrent of blood we have shed? By the cheers of our Victory will the heart of the mother be comforted? If by …

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Oct 04


No, the title's not a typo. It's Latin. "Scandal" comes from "scandalum". It's means "stumbling block", "temptation", or "trap". With all the talk of priestly impropriety and pro-choice Catholics, it's easy to miss more ordinary forms of scandal. Each one of us can be a stumbling block to someone else's faith. Non-Catholics, and non-Christians in …

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Aug 12

Point of View

There's an interesting post on The Dawn Patrol about counterproductive evangelization. Specifically, several Catholics clumsily tried to convert her from Protestantism. I understand the reasoning, but the approach left a lot to be desired. I have a news flash for self-righteous catechism thumpers. Protestants aren't the spawn of Satan. Nor are they doomed to Hell. …

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Jul 15


The Curt Jester has posted an excellent entry about the perils of Christian punditry. At the end there’s a useful examination of conscience for pundits. For me, this is another reminder that I need to be more gentle and forgiving in my criticisms. “Brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are …

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