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Nov 03

Did Young People Let Kerry Down?

As I've been watching the endless recycling of stale news as I await either a definitive count or a concession by Kerry, I've heard a lot about how disappointing the young voter turnout supposedly was. Apparently, approximately the same percentage of the vote, about 17%, was under 25. Kerry supporters are shaking their heads and …

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Sep 02

Election Hijinks

USAToday has joined the New York Times in highlighting the nightmares involving the electoral college. This piece is more informative and less biased than the previous. Remember the 36-day drama over Florida’s hanging chads and butterfly ballots? Get ready for a replay. How it could happen The scenarios aren’t far-fetched: *For a tie: Every state …

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Aug 22

Come Mister Tally Man

A week ago, I posted about some electoral vote projection sites. Here are a few more (plus the old ones). Some are biased to Kerry. Others are biased to Bush. All say that Kerry would win handily if the election were held today. Election Projection Daly Thoughts Federal Review Coldheart’s Projections Race 2004 Professor Pollkatz …

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Aug 15


JuliusBlog has a couple interesting posts regarding the upcoming election. The first is "a series of correlations between past terror alerts and political events unfavorable to the Bush administration". The second is "a chart comparing Bush approval numbers to the timeline of terror alerts". The chart is based on a fascinating and well-documented site called …

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Aug 12

Fake Precision

Here’s another adventure in what may become a regular feature, “Debunk the Statistical Conclusions”. This time it’s a survey about Catholic voting preferences.

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