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Apr 12

TCitMW: Responses to Critics

I wish to thank all those who have contributed their opinions to the discussion what ways the Church can/should change in the next pontificate and ways it cannot/should notchange. Some of the responses have come in the form of full blog entries, rather than comments. I’d like now to offer rebuttals and clarifications.

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Apr 07

The Church in the Modern World

There’s been much talk lately of what the Church should do and/or change – according to American Catholics. It’s driving me nuts. First off, I wish Americans would get over their own self-importance. There are lots on non-American Catholics throughout the world. Secondly, the Church is not run by popular opinion. The Church seeks to …

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Feb 03

Dobson's Defense

I don’t know a lot about Dr. James Dobson, but from what I’ve seen, the media’s been giving him a bad rap over Spongegate. A few days ago, I challenged my readers to go through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and find evidence of a hidden pro-homosexual agenda at the We Are Family Foundation. Emily …

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Jan 18

The Blind Leading the Blind

Recently, the ELCA (the denomination in which I was raised) has announced the recommendations of their task force for the studies on sexuality. The basic gist, as I understand it, is that each congregation must decide for themselves how accepting of homosexual behavior will be. Apparently, the task force cares more about group unity than …

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Jan 05

Sins of the Fathers

There’s been a lot of buzz in the Catholic blogosphere (blogohemisphere? hemiblogosphere?) about a homosexual couple who enrolled their adopted sons into kindergarten at a Costa Mesa Catholic school. Apparently, parents of some of the other students are having a conniption over this and demanding that only Catholics in good standing be allowed to enroll …

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