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Aug 24

Fake Krugman Fools Detractors (and Supporters)

Last night, Twitter was abuzz with something said by a Google+ user purporting to be economist Paul Krugman. “People on twitter might be joking, but in all seriousness, we would see a bigger boost in spending and hence economic growth if the earthquake had done more damage.” It turned out to be a hoax, though. […]

Mar 09

Please Stand By

Part of me hates when bloggers apologize for lapses in blogging. It’s sort of perverse that people have to excuse themselves for answering the demands of Real Life™. The rest of me realizes that readers are what make blogging worth while. That part part of me thanks you all and apologizes for being incommunicato. Research …

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Feb 27

Why Does Google Hate Me?

Who do I have to bribe to get Ales Rarus listed in Google?!? I’ve submitted this site numerous times to no avail. I even have Google ads in my sidebar (Please click a few ads, BTW.). My old address on my Pitt account still comes up as the number one hit for “Ales Rarus”. Nothing …

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