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Jan 25

Catholic Church Teaching Universalism?

I'm discovering more and more that the Catholic Church has some serious PR problems. This Earnestly Contending post is representative of the many Protestant (mostly Evangelical) gross misunderstandings of Catholic teachings and teaching authority that I've encountered. My responses are drawn from comments I made at Weapons of Warfare.

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Jan 21

No Accounting For Taste

Rand, of A Pattern of Sound Works, has posted a scathing criticism of C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors and someone partially responsible for my return to faith. NOTA BENE: The following fisk is not personal. Rand comments a lot at Christian Conservative and seems to be a nice guy. From what I’ve seen, …

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Nov 21

Musical Fisking

Theomorph responded to my criticism of his eisegesis (Thanks for the spelling fix, by the way.). Interestingly, he made little attempt to defend his sophistry. "Color me shocked. I wrote a provocative post and–wonder of wonders–provoked a response." I can’t help but wonder in what sense Theo intended to provoke. Did he believe his arguments …

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Nov 20

Foaming at the Mouth

[Minor mistakes of grammar and spelling have been fixed. – Funky] Theomorph, my resident atheist gadfly, seems to be losing his cool. His latest tirade against Christianity lacks the kind of logical consistency and civility his previous posts had.

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Nov 12

Delayed Reaction

This morning someone commented on an entry I posted July 31. “Dude, you were raised lutheran, you were an agnostic and now you think you’re like, what, the pope’s right hand man? Take it from this cradle catholic and quit judging people. Don’t think you can just crash the party and start playing the records …

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