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Apr 05

Point of View

In anticipation of Brother‘s upcoming "best of" compilation, As You Were, I’ve decided to share the list of tracks on my personal 2-disc compilation, which I call Point of View. Disc 1 Romp & Circumstance (Exit From Screechville) Thetimeisnow (This Way Up) River (Urban Cave) The Crow (Exit From Screechville) Didg Jam (Exit From Screechville) …

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Mar 21

Pittsburgh TV News Rant

Pittsburgh TV news reporting sucks. Why are Pittsburghers are so bloody obsessed with weather? Between that and sports there’s barely any real news reported. I really don’t give a flying fig about Super Mega Kickass Vibromatic Storm Chaser 6000 and how it can slice and dice and make julean fries. Just give me a simple …

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Aug 12

BlogFest the Third

I didn’t attend BlogFest’s 1 and 2, but last night I attended Pittsburgh BlogFest 3. It was really cool to meet some felow Pittsburgh bloggers in person. Being the shy guy I am, I started with Rob of UnSpace and Mike of Grabass and Pittsburgh Webloggers, with whom I recorded a podcast interview a few …

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Feb 05

Generic Eric

I used to greatly dislike having a very generic name. The age of ‘googling’ has changed my mind. In commonality there is privacy. Google me. I dare ya. 😉 A Nation of Voyeurs How the Internet search engine Google is changing what we can find out about one another – and raising questions about whether …

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