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May 16

Apologetics and Conversion

"The Trilemma: Useless" was written as an entry in Vox Apologia XVIII. Since there were only four entries, RazorsKiss could easily comment on all of them. His commentary on mine causes some head scratches for me. I’m interested as to why he chooses conversion as the end of apologetics (although, to some extent, it is …

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Apr 15

Treacherous Tongue?

Rand of A Form of Sound Words says: "DARN it to HECK! I can’t believe Billy believes that load of CRAP. I mean JEEEZ, what is he thinking. I tried and tried to talk some sense into him, but OH MY GOSH, he’s stubborn." "I apologize in advance to all the good and faithful Christians …

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Dec 19

Linguistic Gymnastics

God forbid they call this “fetus” what it really is – a child. If an 8-month fetus survives a C-section, it’s called a baby. If it survives being removed by psychos, it’s still a fetus. If a child dies after birth, it’s called a dead baby. If it dies after a murder and amateur surgery, …

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Dec 13

Blessed Advent and Joyous Christmas!

Archbishop Chaput of Denver, a guy that strikes me as the coolest episcopos since Fulton Sheen, has suggested that Christians stop using the phrase “Happy Holidays”. “We don’t celebrate a generic excuse for gift-giving. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.”

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Dec 09

Dude, Check Out This Research!

Since this research was performed in Pittsburgh and I frequently use the word “dude” myself, I couldn’t resist posting this. Linguist Deciphers Uses of Word ‘Dude’ PITTSBURGH – Dude, you’ve got to read this. A linguist from the University of Pittsburgh has published a scholarly paper deconstructing and deciphering the word “dude,” contending it is …

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