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Nov 21

Musical Fisking

Theomorph responded to my criticism of his eisegesis (Thanks for the spelling fix, by the way.). Interestingly, he made little attempt to defend his sophistry. "Color me shocked. I wrote a provocative post and–wonder of wonders–provoked a response." I can’t help but wonder in what sense Theo intended to provoke. Did he believe his arguments …

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Nov 17

Too Cool for Christ

The review of this trendy anti-Christianity rant amused me. I wonder if my favorite gadfly has read this book. 😉 Et Tu, Buddha? Beautiful Blasphemies, Heartfelt Heresies By Read Mercer Schuchardt 'Killing the Buddha: A Heretic's Bible' is a weeping beauty of a book, edited by 'two religiously flippant intellectuals' who think they're swimming against …

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Nov 04

Bent Out of Shape

I’m listening to the Marty Minto show right now (M – F, 3PM – 6PM on 101.5 WORD-FM in Pittsburgh) and he’s about to have a coronary because a day care center is teaching yoga to kids. He’s yelling for people to repent and generally carrying on like a corner apocalyptic preacher. I called the …

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Jul 21

Secularism Rising

My Protestant readers ought to find this interesting. Protestant Majority Disappearing in U.S. “The increasing secularization of American society has taken a particular toll on Protestant identity, presenting the prospect that after more than 200 years of history, the United States may soon no longer be a majority Protestant country, according to a new study …

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Jun 19

Rolling My Eyes

CHURCH & STATE by Neal Pollack A lunatic Christian cult has the run of the White House and the ear of the president. What do they want? The end of the world. Be afraid. I almost didn't blog this article due to it's secular silliness and lack of intelligent analysis, but the author offers the …

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