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Aug 03

Another Breath of Fresh Air

Here’s another imaginative solution to man-made air polution. “Using technology already available for self-cleaning windows and bathroom tiles, scientists hope to paint up cities with materials that dissolve and wash away pollutants when exposed to sun and rain.” …. “This is the idea: UV rays hitting the titanium dioxide trigger a catalytic reaction that destroys …

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Aug 02

A Breath of Fresh Air

This is an incredibly cool concept. More people need to use their imaginations like this if we are to have any real chance of reducing dependency on petroleum. “After twelve years of reserch and development, Guy Negre has developed an engine that could become one of the biggest technological advances of this century. Its application …

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Jul 26

Being Open to Life: An Uphill Battle

Today is the 37th anniversary of Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae. This encyclical reinforced the Church's constant teaching that it is always intrinsically wrong to use contraception to prevent the transmission of human life. Additionally, it continued the Church's constant teaching against abortion and sterilization. "Therefore We base Our words on the first principles …

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Jul 14

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkeys Pay to See Female Monkey Bottoms A new study found that male monkeys will give up their juice rewards in order to ogle pictures of female monkey’s bottoms. The way the experiment was set up, the act is akin to paying for the images, the researchers say. […] The study, announced Friday, is far …

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Jul 10

H5N1: Bird Flu

Why aren’t more people concerned about bird flu? I see news stories about it from time to time, but they don’t seem to generate much buzz. This is a scary bug and the world isn’t ready to deal with it. Once upon a time, influenza was a potentially deadly disease. It came and went like …

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