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  3. Mighty Morphing Toaster Pastries — June 3, 2016
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  5. So Much — March 19, 2016

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Sep 24

Helpful, Not Useful

I recently had a brief exchange with Joel (7) that provided an opportunity to talk about dignity (and hint at the personalistic norm). Joel had done some favor for me, and I had thanked him. The rest of the exchange went as follows. Joel: “I like being useful!” Me: “Helpful, not useful.” Joel: “Huh?” Me: … Continue reading »

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Jun 16

Crazy Cat

My cat got sick and died. I found a new buddy to adopt. He got sick and scared the heck out me. He got better and showed us his goofy personality and strange habits. TL;DR: I peed on a cat. Continue reading »

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Jun 03

Mighty Morphing Toaster Pastries

My wife recently had an interesting interaction with our 5yo about how to spell something. Continue reading »

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May 07

Passing Pets and Precocious Personalities

Today we said goodbye to a furry member of the family. A little over a month ago, our cat Dusty started losing his appetite and, consequently, weight. Long story short, skipping over expensive vet visits and whatnot, he never regained his appetite, lost almost half his body weight, and became very weak. On Wednesday night, while … Continue reading »

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Mar 19

So Much

A poem about my aching, but unfilled, desire to explain my depression to my children and beg forgiveness for how it makes me behave Continue reading »

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